About Rcoin?

Rcoin (Rcoin Token) is a token issued by the Rcoin foundation based on the Ethernet ERC20 protocol. The total issue amount is 10 billion, and it is guaranteed that it will never be released. The platform will allocate 80% of the income to the holders of Rcoin, at the same time, and Rcoin holders will also enjoy the right to participate in the construction and operation of the Rfinex global sub station.

Rfinex fund 15%

platform risk cash deposit, brand promotion and ecological layout

Community Rewards 55%

give Rfinex’s users a variety of award, including trading and mining awards, calculating bonus, recommending new user rewards, etc.

Cornerstone Investment 5%

feedback to early and cornerstone investors

Team Holding 15%

follow-up platform function development, system operation and maintenance, talent recruitment, etc., including provide reward, research and development funds for team members, etc

Overseas Public Offering 10%

a maximum of ten ETH per person

Note: the total proportion of user transaction mining and release and recommendation of new user rewards is 55%. Once the Rcoin of 55% is given completely, “mining” will automatically terminate

Rcoin Holders' Rights

Token, as a negotiable certificate of encrypted digital rights and interests, will become the basic element of the digital economy era in the future. RC, as the representative of Rfinex community rights and interests, is the cornerstone of Rfinex community governance.

Income Distribution

80% of the Rfinex transaction fee will be allocated to the holders of Rcoin in a certain proportion, and the remaining 20% will be used for the development and operation of Rcoin

Participate in the Construction and Operation of Rfinex's Global Sub Station

The Rcoin holders who meet the conditions enjoy the tranright to sparency of the platform and the supervision of the mines, as well as the right to participate in the decision-making of business including fees, trade categories, and coin money.

Share the Growth Bonus

Users who hold more than 30 million of the Rcoin get double and extra dividends,which gets more Rcoin.

How to Get Rcoin?

1 Transaction or Private Placement

Users can buy directly on Rfinex or participate in private placement to get Rcoin.

2 Mining

Through the form of "transaction and mining", fee refund to obtain.

3 Referral Awards

Invite friends to register Rfinex and trade to get Rcoin

Strategic Investment Institutions